Monday, April 2, 2012

Lancôme Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss "Moulin Rose"

So this product I am reviewing today is one of the Lancôme Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Lip Glosses. The shade I'm reviewing is Moulin Rose.  I received this for Christmas and I don't believe you can buy this on it's own, I'm thinking it came in a gift set of some sort but I was given it individually. The mini Juicy Tubes (which is what Moulin Rose is) have .33 fluid ounces but the average Juicy Tube contains .5 fluid ounces & run for $18.00. They are pretty expensive and I'll be honest, I probably wouldn't buy these because of how expensive they are no matter what the quality may be. This lip gloss is a rosey color, as the name states. This lip gloss is great for the spring/summer of 2012 because rosey lips were big on the runways and the "pretty" look was big so this lip gloss will definitely be a hit for this season. It's quite sheer but you still get a little bit of the pink tint, nothing too drastic though so if you really want some color you'd need to layer a lipstick of some sort under. I prefer sheerer lip glosses anyway because I don't feel comfortable with wearing opaque colors on my lips, I go for more of the natural look on an everyday basis. I don't even usually wear anything on my lips besides chap stick but this lip gloss is natural enough for me so I feel comfortable wearing it out of the house. I love the nice shine it gives me and it reflects the light beautifully. It does last on the lips, it starts wearing off around 2 hours or so but I think that's good because during those two hours I also drank something so maybe if I hadn't done that the gloss would last a bit longer but I'm always drinking something so that's the real test for the wear of lip colors on me.The taste of this lip gloss isn't the best, it tastes rosey which makes sense because they wanted every aspect of the gloss to be rosey (hence the name, color, etc.). I'm not a fan of the smell and I really don't like tasting it so that's the down side. Overall, I do like this gloss, the smell doesn't stop me from using it so I would recommend this one or another shade part of the Juicy Tube line if you are willing to fork out the money for it.


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