Thursday, May 10, 2012

L'Oreal Color Riche Le Gloss "Baby Blossom"

 When the L'Oreal Color Riche Le Gloss lip glosses came out I really wanted to get at least one because of the great reviews I was seeing and hearing, also the color selection was really nice. Even though there was a an interesting orange shade and a gorgeous deep burgundy that looked almost black I decided to go for a basic nude pink just because I know I'd actually use this type of shade, this one is called Baby Blossom. Getting a unique shade that I don't own anything similar to is fun every once in a while but when it comes to lip gloss I don't really do that because A. I never even use the lip glosses I have so getting a random color that would be untouched most of the time isn't such a good idea and B. this lip gloss isn't that cheap so I wanted to get a color I'd actually use to get my moneys worth. This lip gloss runs around $8.00 so it really isn't that cheap in my eyes, but this is also coming from a girl who doesn't have a job and gets money from her parents so it just depends on what you think is affordable. For the price, the quality was alright, the writing on the tube rubbed off after about a month and after two months or so the lip gloss seemed to separate. You can't tell in the tube but when you squeeze it out an oily liquid comes out and then after some time the actual color comes out in a thick glob so you have to blend it on your lips yourself and it is also too thick to shake and mix so you're really stuck with the separation. This gloss has a squeeze tube which I like and it is long and skinny, holding .4 oz of gloss. The texture is thick, it's an extremely moisturizing gloss & it lasts around 2 hours or so till you have to reapply. It also can be opaque depending on how much you apply but it goes on a little uneven so you have to be careful to blend it like I already said, you can't just throw it on in a rush or without a mirror or it may look a little off. I usually like pairing it with bright lip colors because it does a nice job of toning them down a bit. I think the smell is what grabbed me the most to buy this because everyone said it smelled like vanilla and I have to say it really does, when I put it on I get that smell of vanilla birthday cake and I love that about it. Overall, it was an okay lip gloss and I'd give it a 7/10. I probably wouldn't purchase another from the line though.

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