Monday, March 21, 2011

N.Y.C Metallic Nail Glossies in Molten Metal

This nail polish I am wearing is N.Y.C's Metallic Nail Glossies in Molten Metal. The color is a taupe shade. It almost reminds me of MAC's Satin Taupe because it is the shade of brown just like it and it has silver shimmers in it just like the eye shadow. I have to say I like the eye shadow better than this nail polish though. This polish chipped off within three days and I used a base and top coat. Usually my polishes last up to six or seven days with just a top coat but this one was very disappointing. i do like the finish though, it is a pretty glitter polish. It only requires two coats which is great because usually glitter polishes require ALOT more. However, this polish will not be a go to polish for me because it chips so easily.You should also check out my Luuux.

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