Tuesday, April 19, 2011

E.l.f Studio Line Blush "Pink Passion"

   Not to long ago I picked up the E.l.f Blush in Pink Passion from Target. I always look at E.l.f. Cosmetics whenever I go to target because it's so affordable and has great quality products. I have seen this blush a few times but never picked it up because I'm not a blush type of girl and contemplated whether I should get it or not. I finally picked it up because one it was a gorgeous pink and two it was only $3.00. I knew whether the pigment wasn't good or the color didn't look good on me I wouldn't care that I spent my money on it because it was so cheap.
   I ended up loving this blush! The color is definitely a super pretty neon pink. This blush is very pigmented and only takes one swipe of a blush brush to get alot of product. You almost have to be careful with how much you get on the brush because it is very bright and will show up very bright on your skin. I just tap my brush in the blush once which gives a nice amount. Other than the great quality of the blush, the packaging is great! I love how sleek the packaging is and how its simple and black. The packaging reminds me of NARS blushes because the packaging is sleek and black just like the E.l.f one except the E.l.f packaging shows the color while the NARS blushes don't. Obviously I love this blush.

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