Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Sigma Premium Professional Kit with Brush Roll - Black

The product I am reviewing is the Sigma Premium Professional Kit in Black. This brush kit is $149.00 on Sigma or Amazon. I got this brush kit free off of  the website Luuux which I’m very lucky for because if I didn’t I would’ve saved up my money and bought it with my own cash because this is the exact brush kit I wanted. It contains 15 brushes; 7 face brushes, 7 eye brushes, and 1 lip brush. This brush kit is the most expensive out of all of the other ones mainly for the reason this brush roll contains the most brushes.

To see the names of the different brushes and descriptions of each of them CLICK HERE

Opinion on:

Softness: These brushes are fairly soft; the only brushes I would have a complaint about are the Tapered Face Brush, Tapered Highlighter, and Large Powder Brush. After a few washes they tend to get less soft even when using Olive Oil to keep them soft.

Price: I think this price is suitable for these brushes. If you bought each and everyone of these brushes separately it would have come up to $49.00 more dollars. Basically your getting a steal by purchasing all these brushes in the kit at once. Now if your on a budget and don’t need all the extra brushes you could go for the Complete Brush Roll which is $99.00 ($50.00 less) because it comes with your basic everyday brushes while the Premium Profession Brush Kit comes with the most of the basics and more.

Strength of Hairs: The strength of the hairs is alright. The synthetic brushes don’t shed which is normal but the natural haired brushes do. The brushes I have the most problems with shedding are the Large Powder Brush, the Tapered Face Brush and the Large Fluff brush. These brushes always shed hairs while I’m washing them even when I avoid getting the glue area wet. If your wondering how often I clean my brushes, I clean them every 2 weeks except it’s best to clean them at least once a week but I get lazy with that. The shedding of hairs was the only issue I had with these brushes.

Application: Overall these brushes applied and blended colors well. There were no basic eye shadow brushes which means there was no brush for packing color on the lid. The one brush I used for placing eye shadow was the Large Fluff brush and I used that for placing color on my brow bone and it also does a good job for blending out color. Overall these brushes apply color very nicely and blend out color nicely.

Overall Review: In the end I would get these brushes all over again and I do not regret getting these brushes. The only downside was that it didn’t come with a basic eye shadow brush and the strength of the hairs on some of the brushes weren’t great. Aside from the loose hairs and a few brushes that aren’t very soft after a few washes I do think the quality of these brushes is great. I definitely would recommend this brush kit to someone who is willing to spend about $150.00 on good quality brushes but of course not to someone on a tight budget. I would also recommend this brush kit to someone who knows there way around makeup and what different types of brushes can be used for because if a beginner buys this brush kit they will be clueless about a lot of the brushes. I think these brushes were directed towards makeup artists because of all the different types of brushes in this kit. In the end it just matters on if you’re willing to spend the money or not because these are great brushes.

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