Saturday, October 22, 2011

Revlon Nail Polish "Minted"

  I know mint nail polishes have been in for a while now and I had gotten this Revlon nail polish in Minted a while back but I never seemed to get around to making a blog post about it till now. I love mint nail polishes, especially this one. I'm not sure if the reason being that I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and this nail polishes reminds of that or it's just I love this color in general. I pretty much never see girls at my school or anyone around me for that matter wearing mint green nail polishes and I'm sure I wouldn't be wearing it either if I hadn't seen the hype about it in blogs or on youtube...I probably would've passed this color before but now I just love it. Now on with the actual polish itself! This polish does have a somewhat thin consistency yet it's not extremely thin. It does apply somewhat streaky which is a downfall because you have to be really careful to make it look even. It is a creme finish. It requires about 2-3 coats to be opaque which isn't a problem for me. This polish does go for around four bucks which is pricier than your regular Sally Hansen polish but it isn't too much of a stretch for me. The lasting power of this polish goes for about exactly a week which is awesome. Overall, I really like this polish and would recommend it.

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