Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ULTA Nail Lacquer "Capri Coral"

So the latest nail polish I had on was ULTA's Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Capri Coral. This is not a true coral shade but more of a pinkish coral, the pictures make it look a little more pink than it really is though. The formula is quite thick and opaque. You really only need one coat of it and it completely covers the nail. I really like the formulation and I don't find it too thick, it's just right. This polish retails for around seven or eight dollars which is pretty pricey but they are nice quality. I don't know if I'd purchase too many more of these polishes because I usually only spend around three or four bucks regularly, maybe if a certain color really caught my eye then I'd repurchase but other than that I wouldn't just purchase an average color for seven or eight bucks. Overall this is a nice nail polish but it isn't something I'd purchase multiple times because it is pricey but if the price isn't bad for you then I'd recommend you trying them because they are nice.

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