Monday, October 6, 2014

The "Staple" Striped Dress

             It seems to me that every time I post a makeup look on this blog I end up promising to continue to post more when that just doesn't happen. I have to say this past year and a half I've really lacked an interest in makeup. Overtime I have accumulated lots of makeup and now I just don't feel a need to buy the new palettes and collections that come out. My interest has shifted from makeup to clothing and I have really grown to love trends and trying out different/risky pieces. Now I have decided to turn this blog into a primarily fashion blog because I find putting together different outfits much more exciting than applying makeup. I mean, I do have to dress myself everyday so it just depends on whether I document it or not.
          This outfit right here is definitely on the simple side. I am always on the lookout for basic dresses to add to my collection because I love having staple pieces that can be styled in various ways. Dresses are my favorite kind of staple piece because they're the top and pants combined making putting together an outfit even easier! I got so excited when I found this dress because I have been in search of one like this for so long. There are so many different outfit ideas that I can come up with using this dress but this was the one way I decided to wear it. A pair of boots and slouchy socks adds some edge to outfit, but for an alternative look a pair of  gladiator sandals would look equally as good(Most likely how I'll wear it next time).

Outfit Details
Dress-Stella Laguna Beach / Socks-Target / Boots-Dr Martens 

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