Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to: Homeade Eyeshadow Primer (Steps & Swatches)

Making an eyeshadow primer is extremely easy! This primer is very comparable to Urban Decay Primer Potion, Two-Faced Shadow Insurance, Etc. However there are some differences, the differences are that the homemade primer gives more color on your eye because of the foundations, the staying power is from 6-8 hours while the expensive primers are from 12-15 hours and of course the homemade primer is much cheaper.
The products needed:
-Liquid Foundation
-Thick Foundation (Cream or Mousse) or Concealer
-Empty little container
How to make it:
-Get an empty container (make sure its clean)
-Pour in desired amount of Liquid Foundation
-Scoop out thick foundation/concealer
-Mix with toothpick
-Pour in Vaseline
-Mix with toothpick
TIP:Make sure the amount of liquid foundation, thick foundation/concealer and vaseline are equal.
Now you have a homemade primer. Enjoy!(:

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