Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lace&White Jeans

This outfit is filled with some of the latest trends. The spring trends I’m following in this outfit are white jeans and a white watch. There is also a little bit of a fall trend in this outfit which is the lace in the top. I really like the lace trend, I think it will last a while. I think the lace in the back of the shirt adds a nicetouch. Now with the white jeans I’m not to sure how long that trend will last but I don’t think it will go past summer. White jeans can look really good when paired with the right top and accessories and they can look really bad when paired with the wrong top and accessories so it just depends on how you put it together. I also think the white watch is a nice trend because it just looks so cute added to a nice outfit.  This outfit is simple yet cute.

~Grey Lace back half-sleeve top: TJ Maxx

~White Flared Vigoss Jeans: Marshalls

~White Polyurethane Bracelet Round Case White Dial Watch: Target
~Two Silver Rings: h&m
~Fake Chanel Earrings: Jewlery Kiosk
~Silver Sandals: Local Boutique

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