Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lady Gaga "Judas" Music Video Inspired Look

**(Inspiration Picture)Print Screened by me on Vevo from Judas Music Video**
So I saw Lady Gaga's music video for Judas a week or two ago and just knew I had to try this look from it. Not only did I love the song but I loved this look from the video! I think there was a series of two different eyeliner looks in the video but I'm not a hundred percent sure. There were different looks where she had a black mole and a rhinestoned mole with the same eyeliner though. This look though, didn't have a mole but the eyebrows were blanked out and drawn on with black eyeliner and had two wings coming off of them but I didn't want to do the eyebrows on myself. It didn't look like there was mascara on her lashes so I didn't bother to put any on because it probably wouldn't have showed anyway with the thick black liner. This look was a little tricky because I had to have a steady and light hand while drawing the lines under my eyes but I think I managed to do pretty well on them and I like how they turned out. I love Lady Gaga and all of her crazy makeup looks so this was fun to do, I hope you like it.(:

Products used:

~Rimmel 16 Hour Lasting Finish Foundation in Ivory
~Neutrogena Healthy Smoothing Stick in Light

~Neutrogena Healthy Smoothing Stick in Light
~E.l.f Liquid Liner in Black
~E.l.f Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black

~E.l.f Studio Lip Stain in Red Carpet

I hope you liked it!:D


  1. oooOooo Nice! I really like it. You did a fantastic job.

  2. I really like it :D well done :D

  3. Wow, I absolutely love your interpretation of her look! You did a great job, hun, and you look really pretty :) I've just followed you! Please check out my blog, and follow me too if you're interested. I'm looking forward to more posts from you! Keep them coming <3