Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Victorias Secret Semi Annual Sale Haul

I got so excited when I got the email from Victoria’s Secret saying the Semi Annual Sale had started. I was determined to pick up my favorite fragrances and lotions. The lotions and body sprays were 3 for $11.99 or 6 for $19.99 I think? Also there were certain items for 50% off and 75% off. I did the 3 for $11.99 deal and purchased a perfume for 75% off. I got one body butter, one lotion, one body spray and one perfume. Without the sale everything added up would have come up to $81.00 but I got everything for around $25.00. I saved $56.00, isn't that awesome! Gosh I love sales!

One of the things I picked up was body butter. If you don't know what body butter is, it is basically a really thick and more moisture filled lotion. I will probably only use this on my legs and elbows just because it's really heavy so if I put it all over my arms or anywhere else it might feel a little greasy.
The scent I got it in was Love Spell. The main scents in it are cherry blossom and peach. This is my favorite scent because I love the smell of peaches and it reminds me of my favorite Jamba Juice drink which is Peach Pleasure.
With Sale:$4.00

Another lotion I got was in Pure Seduction. This is probably my second favorite scent because Love Spell is my all time favorite. I couldn't quite describe what it smells like but the main scents in this lotion are red plum and freesia. My sister has the Pure Seduction body spray so I'll be pairing this with it when I want to wear this scent.
With Sale:$4.00

The one body spray I got was of course Love Spell. The difference between body sprays and perfume are body sprays aren’t as strong as regular perfumes and the scents don't last as long. I already have a lotion and now I have a body butter and spray for this scent so I will be filling the air with Love Spell when I wear all of them together. I think the bottle for this is adorable with all the hearts on it, it was a limited edition bottle sadly so I won't be able to get this scent in the same bottle by the time this one runs out.:/
With Sale:$4.00

The one perfume I got was Vixen. The scents in it are apple blossom, freesia petals and warm vanilla bean. I had smelled this perfume before and fell in love with not only the scent but with the bottle because it is just so fancy. I was so surprised to find it in the 75% off section, I knew it was meant to be and I had to get it. I've always wanted a perfume with a little pump thing so now that I have one I can feel special spraying it onto myself, haha.
With Sale:$11.25

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  1. Great haul! I didn't buy anything but my friend stocked up on their lotions since the price was so cheap. Haha.