Monday, July 4, 2011

Milani One Coat Glitter Polish "Blue Flash"

For the Fourth of July I wanted to do something blue or red and glitzy on my nails so I decided to go with Milani's One Coat Glitter Polish in Blue Flash. I have loved wearing this polish on my toes because I think glitter polish looks so great on toes. This is the first time I have worn this polish on my finger nails and I have to say I really love it! I still love Purple Gleam the most but this is up in my top nail polishes. This polish dries really quickly which is great; it dries to somewhat of a matte finish so you need to pack on the shiny top coat unless you like the matte effect. This polish applies okay, some swipes have lots of glitter and other swipes have a little bit of glitter. It just depends, so what I like to do is get a lot on my brush then smooth it out to a thin layer. It does take two coats for complete glitter all over the nail so the one coat thing was a bit of a fib. However, most glitter polishes call for 4-5 coats so this one was still great. It lasted a good 4-5 days without chipping so that was good. Overall I love this polish!


  1. the more pictures I see of this polish the more I want it. Looks so pretty!

  2. this one looks gorgeous! I love glitter polish and use them so often, then when it comes to taking it off I'm paying the consequences LoL