Sunday, August 14, 2011

Forever21 Haul

 Recently I had made a purchase on Forever21's website and I was so excited to of got it that I decided to share it with you guys. I had made the order about a week ago and literally got it three days later, I was so happy to of got it so soon so I will definitely be making more purchases on their website. School starts for me on the 22nd of August so I was hoping to get my stuff before school started because I planned on wearing a few of the pieces on the first day so I was so glad I got them before then. I was happy with everything I got even though some of them weren't the exact fit I preferred but it's not a big deal.
I had gotten three pieces of jewelry, I didn't get the gold spiked necklace online but I decided to add it in anyway since I loved it so much. I was on the search for this exact gold spiked necklace and because I didn't see it online I  thought it wasn't being sold anymore but thankfully I found it in store which made me the happiest girl in the world. Online I got this cool ear piece that had silver spikes on it, it really caught my eye because it was really unique and edgy. At first when I got it I was like "uh how am i supposed to wear this?" but I think i figured it out so you may see me wearing it in a future outfit of the day. I also got an antique gold ring with a turquoise stone in the middle, online the stone looked more marble but the one I got didn't so I was kind of disappointed but it wasn't that big of a deal.
Spiked Necklace:$8.80
Spiked Earring Cuff:$3.80
Swirling Bead Knuckle Ring:$4.80
 I also picked up a pair of tan sandals because I didn't own a pair. I know that may be surprising because I think everyone besides me owned a pair of basic tan sandals but the reason I didn't have a pair is because I didn't really own anything that would go with tan shoes. I owned more black clothing, not so much tan or neutral toned clothes.

I needed a pair of khaki shorts because I didn't own one pair and the one son Forever21's website were only $12.50 so I just had to get them. Isn't that amazing how cheap they were!? The one downside to these shorts were that they were a little baggy. They didn't have my exact size so I thought one size bigger won't be that bad and it's not falling down my butt, however you can tell they aren't form fitted which I wanted. It's not horrible enough foe me to return though.
Khaki Shorts:$12.50
Lastly, I got three pairs of false eye lashes and they were from the Love & Beauty Collection.  I got a pair of thick spiky lashes, flared lashes (they reminded me of a bird for some reason), and a duo set of criss cross lashes and natural lashes. I will do a review on the Love & Beauty lashes and I think it will be a good one because these lashes look like nice quality. I really like that these lashes aren't extremely long, they're a long yet natural length which I like. I think I will be purchasing more of their lashes.
Lashes:$2.80 each

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