Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: E.l.f 100 Eye Shadow Palette

Where to get it
You can get this palette off of Amazon, Target's website, or the E.l.f website.

I purchased mine from Amazon for $10.00 which is very cheap cheap for all the eye shadows you get.

What you get:
Basically what you get in this palette is 100 eye shadows, all the colors of the rainbow and more. You could do a neutral look, a silver smoky look, or even a bright, fun look. This palette is full of different finishes, some are frosty, others are shimmery, and a few are matte. It also comes with two sponge tip applicators and a little mirror.

These eye shadows look fairly pigmented in the swatches and they are however some are quite powdery which means lots of fallout and not much sticking to the eye. The way I apply these eye shadows is with a sticky base like a cream eye shadow. I normally do this with all of my eye shadows no matter what brand or quality they are just because I think it prolongs their wear so it was not that big of a deal for me but if your someone who likes to just swipe a shadow across your lid without any extra steps this would be a downside for you. I would say the quality is not the best because you do need to use a sticky base but after using a base the shadows do look gorgeous. Now with the lasting power, these shadows can last the whole day with a good primer. I do not recommend using these eye shadows without a primer because they will fade in no time.

Who would I recommend this to:
The people I would recommend this palette to would be beginners because it has a large assortment of colors and it is not going to break the bank because it is only $10.00.

Overall Thoughts:
My overall thoughts on this palette are that it has alright quality but I still would recommend it to beginners because it gives a variety of colors to choose from in just one palette for an affordable price. I do like that it comes with just about every color you can think of and that it has a variety of finishes. Knowing what it is like now I still would have purchased it because it is a good palette to have when you do bright and different looks like I do.

Overall Rating:

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