Sunday, March 23, 2014

Matte Plum Nails + Current Jewelry Faves

        For a while I only did my nails in the shape of an oval  because the shape was really flattering and feminine but I decided it was time for something different. On Instagram I always see Kylie Jenner's nails and they're just the basic square shape but with a lot of length and they look gorgeous which kind of made me want to try out longer nails. I have to say, they look good but they aren't easy to work with! Texting and typing is not as easy now that I have to be careful to not to let my nails click another button than my fingers are. The main focus of the nail is probably the finish rather than the length because matte nails aren't too common. However, they have been around for a while and I used to have a matte top coat but then I lost it a few months ago. I ended up repurchasing the NYC Mattifying Top Coat last weekend along with the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish in Pat on the Black. I was looking for a deep burgundy but I ended up finding Pat on the Black on a display which is more of a deep plum (almost black) than burgundy and I liked it anyway so I bought it instead! Matte nails will always be a favorite of mine and there's just something about them that makes them nicer than glossy nails, well at least in my opinion! 
       Simple gold rings have always been a staple accessory of mine but I just recently started gaining an interest in midi rings. Ever since they became popular I've thought they were so cute and looked great with a nice manicure but I never cared enough to try out the trend myself. But then I finally purchased my first midi ring (middle finger) around two weeks ago and I've been obsessed ever since! I ended up getting more when I went to Forever 21 and saw that a pack of eight rings was only five bucks, does it even get any better than that!? It came with four knuckle rings, one regular ring, and three thumb rings. For a while I stopped liking Forever 21 just because of the quality of their clothes but I've always liked their jewelry and how reasonable it is for cute little necklaces and rings. Even though I still liked their jewelry, the fact that I didn't like their clothes for a while stopped me from shopping there for anything. After finding those rings I think I've changed my mind about them again! 

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