Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rite Aid & Wal Mart Beauty Haul

A little while ago I went to Rite Aid and Wal Mart and picked up a few beauty items I needed and wanted. I'm a little late on the crackle/shatter band wagon but I wanted to wait till it was on sale or I could get a coupon because it was around six bucks which is kind of pricey. I got a Rite Aid coupon for $3.00 off of the Sally Hansen Crackle Polish so I knew I just had to get it because I really wanted the black one and I got the last one left which was lucky! I also needed a plain black polish and the Wet N Wild polish was on sale for .69 cents so I just picked one up from them and when I saw that teal and green glitter polish from Sinful Colors I just fell in love and had to get it. I picked up 100 full cover false nails just because I thought polish over false nails looked better than over my natural nails. Then, I got two Degree deodorants because they were on sale for a $2.00 up reward when you bought two so after paying four bucks, I got a $2.00 off anything at Rite Aid coupon. I wish they would have just taken the 2 bucks off of the purchase instead of giving me two dollars off my next purchase because I don't go too often and it is kind of misleading. Then I went to Wal Mart which wasn't the best experience but I guess that's what I should expect when going to Wal Mart...I picked up a Kiss Acrylic set because I wanted to start to do acrylic nails instead of paying thirty bucks at a salon and it was only 8 bucks so that was awesome. Then I got the Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara in Blackest Black which is water-resistant because I really wanted to try this mascara.

What I bought:

Rite Aid:
~Wet n Wild Nail Color "Black Creme"
Original: .99 cents
Sale Price: .69 cents
~Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat "Ink Splatter"
Original: $7.00
After Coupon: $4.00
~Sinful Colors Nail Polish "Nail Junkie"
Price: $1.99
~Kiss 100 Full Cover Nails in Natural
Price: $6.00
~Two Degree Body Response Sheer Powder Anti-Persperant/Deodorant
Original For Both Together: $6.00
After Up Reward and Sale: $2.00

Wal Mart:
~Kiss French Acrylic Sculpture Kit
Price: $8.00
~Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Water-Resistant Mascara "Blackest Black"
Price: $5.97

Original Without Sale: $35.95
After Sale & Coupons: $28.65
How Much I Saved: $7.30

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  1. I have nail junkie -luv it!- and it looks very petty over China Glaze For Audrey :D